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We are two random dudes from Chicago that want to help people prank their friends and family, get some well-deserved revenge on their enemies, and make people laugh. So, we started a company that allows you to ship a beautiful gift box filled with a bag of penis shaped candy and a hilarious note that says “EAT A BAG OF DICKS.”

“These guys are awesome” – four out of 5 moms

“Telling someone to eat a bag of dicks is the funniest thing ever – Abraham Lincoln

Chances are you know someone that’s a real jerk.

Maybe you sit next to someone at the office that clips their toenails at work. Maybe your ex started seeing other people before letting you know about it. Maybe your teacher doesn’t care about your sick grandma. Or what about that person that got your grandma sick?

We offer a simple service that will bring a smile back to your face.

We anonymously send anyone in the world a beautifully wrapped gift box filled with a bag of penis-shaped gummy candies and a printed note that simply reads “EAT A BAG OF DICKS.”

Don’t be a jerk yourself.

This website is meant to put smiles on faces. It is in no way intended to hurt people or empower bullies. If you’re a bully, we sincerely hope you have a horrible day and someone else sends you the bag of dicks you so righteously deserve.


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