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Somehow, we have frequently asked questions.

Wait a minute. Is this for real?


We sell penis shaped candy online to your enemies and then we send you the tracking number to the package, so you you can let out an evil laugh knowing when they received it.

I don't know the address of the person I want to send a gift box to.

That’s not a question, but usually a person’s office address is posted on the company website.

You can also try try the white pages.

Who should I send a bag of gummy dicks to?

Most people know around 250 people — we recommend you send a box to all of them. Start with all your friends on Facebook.

The most popular types of people that receive our gift boxes are:

  1. Coworkers
  2. Donald Trump (he’s our #1 seller, apparently a lot of people hate him)
  3. Exes
  4. Roommates and landlords
  5. Best friends
  6. The Westboro Baptist Church
  7. Neighbors
  8. Teachers
  9. Parents
  10. Politicians and political candidates
  11. Family and divorce attorneys

Can I customize the included note?


But, keep in mind, the more personalized your note, the more likely it is that your recipient will guess who sent them the gift. But maybe that’s what you’re going for.

I submitted an order. Can I track it somehow?

Yep. Head over to your account page and you can see your tracking number.

If you didn’t create an account when you submitted your order, you can also use your ORDER ID (which is in your confirmation email) or the email address you used to submit your order on this page.

Have a different question not listed here?

Feel free to send us a message.


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