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Bag of Dicks In a Gift Box

Imagine the thrill of receiving a small box in the mail… You open the box to reveal a curious present inside wrapped in beautiful paper and a perfectly tied bow.

And after carefully unwrapping the mysterious gift, you find a small bag of penis-shaped gummy candies and a note that reads in large block letters:


  • They will not know it’s from you – at all. End of story.
  • We will send you the tracking number so that you can let out out an evil laugh when you know it has been delivered.
  • Choose between our stock message, or add one of your own for $1
  • Make sure you put in the shipping information who you want it sent to – they WILL NOT know who sent it to them

Choose between our stock message, or add one of your own for $1 – We’ll send you the tracking info when it’s sent muhahaha


This bag of gummy penises is a great way to tell your friends, family, loved ones or enemies to EAT A BAG OF DICKS – without them ever knowing it’s from you.

Sent completely anonymously with a massive note, this service will get your point across in a way that nobody will mistake.

**Make sure you put in the shipping information who you want it sent to – they WILL NOT know who sent it to them**

**Recipient and purchaser must be 18 years of age or older**

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22 reviews for Bag of Dicks In a Gift Box


verified owner

This is such an easy and funny present. I’ve sent a few for birthdays, Christmas, and now Valentine’s lol. You guys rock!


verified owner

Coworker stole my idea at work = $0. I send him dicks in a gift wrap box in the mail = $15. He gets mad and has no idea who sent him the dicks = Priceless.


verified owner

I hadn’t heard of sending dicks in the mail until reading about the Trump story on facebook, so my first purchase was a bag of dicks for him, just to make his day super special. But now I know such a thing exists, I can think of several different occasions on which sending a box full of dicks could be entirely appropriate! Definitely keeping this in mind for future use.


verified owner

I sent this to my former boss. Reports from colleagues were overwhelmingly positive since it brightened their day. I feel like I did something good for the people that matter to me.


verified owner

Hands down the greatest thing I’ve ever done is spent 20 bucks to send one these to a friend. His response was perfect. Highly recommended, I would do this again in a heartbeat.


verified owner

These packages are truly sent anonymously! I sent myself a box of gummy dicks as a precautionary move. After vast amounts of research, one can not successfully track it back to the original sender. This product is solid!


verified owner

The checkout process was quick and easy. And I love the custom note option. What other site would do that. The tracking information I got in my email was perfect!


verified owner

I was expecting these to arrive to my exboyfriend in a week and it arrived two days after I ordered! My boyfriend opened it and thought it was super funny and so did his mom. I got an email confirming my order, an email saying it has shipped, and an email when it was delivered so this site kept me in the loop for sure. 5 stars all around!!


verified owner

The look on my roommate’s face tho. This service is awesome, thanks for the fun.


verified owner

Great April fools joke for a friend! A little salacious, but my friend was thoroughly amused and almost resorted to posting on Facebook to find the culprit. Fast shipping and good service!


verified owner

I was away from my husband for a few weeks during our move so to let him know I was thinking of him, naturally I sent him a bag of dicks & it was awesome! He loved it and everyone I told thought it was hysterical!


verified owner

I hate everyone at my old job. I sent them some boxes of dicks and felt Ah-may-zing. Thanks dudes.


verified owner

Perfect way to tell that dick in your life to eat a bag of dicks. Will use this again and again.


verified owner

AMAZING! Sent as a gag gift to a friend, apparently that friend wasnt truly a friend so it worked out!!!


verified owner

Oh my god this was perfect I sent these to my ex’s house that screwed me over with a savage note. This was so on point, I loved it.


verified owner

This is too funny. I sent some gifts to my loud apartment neighbors in my building and bet I hear them complain about this later.


verified owner



verified owner

Ordering was easy, delivery was quick, and they arrived in great condition! Both the sender and the recipient LOVED them!! Histerical


verified owner

Sent to my horrible boss. Fast delivery half way around the world. Stoked for the trouble that will ensue hehe


verified owner

Had my whole office laughing! Perfect


verified owner

I really hope the tow company that towed my car with me standing next to it while moving into my apartment enjoys the box of dicks.


verified owner

Worth every penny!! 100% anonymous, and 100% hysterical!!

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